Beautician for more than 20 years and also homeopath, I have always been passionate about health and beauty. I have always felt especially concerned with women’s health and it has led me to discover Belle et bien dans sa peau, a charity working with women fighting cancer. I have been involving my time and energy in this great cause ever since.


Over the past years, my increasing interest and constant research has made me more aware than ever about the toxicity of the products around us. The products currently available on the market are putting customers at great risk of developing allergies or unwanted reactions.

This is how I have taken it upon me to share with you the best of my knowledge.


After many more researches on the subject and attending various workshops on cosmetics fabrication, I wanted to share my passion for organic products and setting up Soi-Bio seemed to be the greatest way to do so.
All the products we offer are truly efficient and, most importantly, without any risk to your health.

Shortly after its creation, Soi-Bio was a winner in the “Branchons les PME du Québec” contest, organised by Salut, Bonjour! morning show. It allowed us to establish our very first online boutique. This improvement has been a real game changer for the company and we are now growing faster than ever.

Customer’s response was immediate and I was able to notice the real popularity of our products. More than ever, people are aware of the beneficial impact of buying local and they want natural cosmetics that will affect neither their health nor the environment in which they evolve.


My goal: Offering cosmetics and personal hygiene products that are high standard, efficient, 100% natural, vegan and not tested on animals. Moreover, offering an impeccable customer’s service is one of my main concerns. I am constantly trying to evolve and improve by consulting some of the most knowledgeable actors in the industry.


All those who are concerned about their health will be happy to discover our 100% natural product range. You will also benefit from the valuable support and advice of a professional beautician able to help you identify your specific needs.


I am looking forward to helping you.


Sophie Lefebvre

produits naturels Livraison soins visage femmes et hommes, hypoallergènes
Our products are
100% natural


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